mediBall Exercises – Russian Twist

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Purpose of Russian Twist:

Strengthen hamstrings, bottom muscles and activate muscles that control the lower spine and pelvis. Strengthen abdominal wall in rotation.

Russian Twist
Russian Twist on the mediBall


  1. With knees bent and ball behind back, slowly roll backwards until ball is under shoulders and back is straight.
  2. Raise arms toward the roof and clasp.
  3. Roll arms and shoulders from side to side.

Prior to exercising
Ensure the area is an adequate size, and free from sharp objects &/or other obstacles

Body Check

  • Tongue on roof of mouth
  • Head, neck & shoulder deactivation
  • Chin tucked slightly
  • Activate TVA (pull umbilicus towards spine)
  • Activate multifidus (confirm with tape or by pressing fingers against multifidus the back muscles mirroring the belly button)
  • Pelvic Floor Activation
  • Maintain Neutral Spine

Postural Alignment Check

  • Ear, shoulder & hips in alignment
  • Knees & ankles in alignment

NB. Fatigue is always the guide to repetition i.e stop, rest & then try a few more reps.

Important Note: Consult your physician before starting any exercise program, especially if you have had recent injuries, surgery, physical problems or if you have been inactive for some time.

Disclaimer: This is a basic guide to improving balance, muscle tone and flexibility. All exercises should be performed with care and caution, if unsure about an exercise please seek professional assistance, we take no responsibility for injuries caused by stretches performed incorrectly. Reproduction of any material without written permission from the publishers is strictly prohibited.

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