Myofascial Moves – New Workshop for 2010

Veteran Myofascial Practitioner James Walsh will make a welcome return to the Australian Graduate School of Health and Sport Science in 2010 with a new workshop; myofascialmovesHolistic treatment and movement strategies for myofascial back pain and dysfunction.

Using the holistic longitudinal anatomy model of Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains as a guide, James has created a user friendly movement based workshop.

The workshop explores upright motion, breathing, eccentric anatomical loading and movement patterns to streamline a holistic approach to back pain strategies in both clinic and studio environments.

The workshop gives manual therapists and movement professionals a subtle insight into understanding the anatomical needs of the back pain client and addressing those needs in a safe and simple way. The workshop covers client assessment, myofascialmove strategy creation and movement selection for optimal back health.

Myofascialmoves has a strong practical component complimented by science based principles and strategies that you can implement immediately into the clinic or studio environment.

“This workshop is the culmination of my clinical and studio approaches to myofascial back pain and dysfunction” explains James.

For more information or to pre register your interest in the workshop click here.

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