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Being a personal trainer, it is always important to have a constant funnel of training clients ready to patronize your fitness trainer business. Without that steady flow of prospects your fitness business could very well struggle. Therefore, it is extremely important to know exactly how to create a steady flow of personal trainer prospects which you can turn into paying clients. The biggest complaint of personal fitness trainers is they don’t seem to ever have enough clients. This should not be difficult if a well sought out game plan is in order, and is proven to attract more fitness training clients. It just seems the personal trainer who always complains about not having enough clients is the one who does not plan, or follow a proven client attraction blueprint. Wouldn’t it be nice to own a fitness trainer business that has a continuous flow of fitness training prospects?

Below I have revealed 5 simple ways of attracting training clients to begin lining up and practically begging for your services. It would be extremely wise to incorporate some, or all of these tips in your personal trainer business marketing plan:

1. Incorporate the 3 foot, tell them all, rule

Everyone within three feet of you has the right to know about your business. Do not keep it a secret. You are a fitness professional and run a personal trainer business. Since health and fitness should be a top priority for the people around you, they most likely need your expertise, and specialized personal training services. Make sure you brand yourself, and your business well. Have personal trainer business cards printed up so you can distribute them to the people your encounter. I always feel putting your picture on the front/back of the card, and a motivational slogan on the back is a good idea. Do not be shy! Tell people, passionately, about what you actually do, and how you can empower them.

2. Build your referral network with other health care professionals

If you have a whole network of health care professionals who know you, like you, trust you, and are willing to refer clients to you, then you are leveraging your fitness trainer business.

It is like having a number of advocates talking up your training services, and offering a third party endorsement. Begin, immediately, leveraging yourself with other health care professionals.

3. Seek joint ventures with fitness equipment retail stores

When fitness enthusiasts purchase a piece of exercise equipment they generally need instruction from a qualified personal fitness trainer. Why shouldn’t that be you? When establishing a business joint venture it is crucial to present yourself in a very professional manner. It is important to bring along professional sales literature introducing yourself, and your fitness trainer business.

4. Get in PR mode

Educate yourself regarding PR, or hire a PR firm to aggressively market your firm. Become the celebrity expert, or go to personal trainer in your market. Whenever you can get press coverage, take advantage of it. Another good tips is to give back to your community, and always be searching for opportunities to get your name out to your market. Personal training public relations is the best form of advertising because it is news, and comes with a third party endorsement.

5. Incorporate seminars

You can do monthly, or weekly orientation seminars informing potential fitness training clients about how to get fit, and a greater insight into the specific of your personal trainer business. Share with seminar attendees how your services of fitness training can benefit them. Attracting new clients does not have to be as difficult as it appears. It just takes a bit of action. Just do it! Do not let anything hold you back. Create an action list of personal training marketing strategies you can do each and every day. If you invest an hour or two a day following through on your fitness business marketing plan, you will quickly obtain more training clients. Being consistent is the key. Create a plan, and stick to it long term.

Focusing on acquiring more personal training clients is the key to building a highly profitable fitness trainer business. Utilize as many fitness marketing tips you possibly can to propel your training business to the next income level. With a little personal training marketing education, your business will surely grow profitable.

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