Practical Ways You Can Generate Extra Income

Even Health & Fitness Professionals Need Additional Income

Earn Additional Income

What can you do with supplemental income? Plenty! Just take your pick: place the extra money into your savings account, buy stuff you’ve always wanted to have, invest the extra cash, maybe pay off a few bills or build more capital. These and more are reason enough why people seek ways to earn extra money. But how can you truly generate supplemental income and attain more financial freedom? With a little imagination and creativity, you can harness what you know and what’s available to help you attain this goal. Here are two choices for you:

Sell Products Directly

Retail is always a good way to generate supplemental income – and you have a powerful advantage because people will follow recommendations by their healthcare or fitness practitioners.

But concerns over perceived conflicts of interest, managing inventory and other issues still hinder practitioner involvement in many instances.

How much you could earn: that depends on the product you’ll be selling, your market and the demand. AOK has many of its customers earning an additional $300-$500 per month selling appropriate products to their clientele. You can buy on-line and earn bonus dollars as you increase your turnover.

Sell Products via Affiliate Marketing

Another excellent way to generate supplemental income is by joining an established business as an affiliate. All you have to do is promote a business or a brand, encourage a customer to buy, click or perform a specific action and you’ll earn as a result.

Your earning potential with this method is unlimited, since it will be determined by how successful you are at promoting the business and getting people to participate. AOK has a a great affiliate program that can link our web shop seamlessly to your website giving you full dashboard control.

Affilate Sales Grow Quickly

When asked to list the factors that most contribute to the growth of the exercise equipment industry; suppliers, marketers and manufacturers often put one thing at or near the top of the list: recommendations by healthcare practitioners. Receiving the nod of approval from doctors, physios, chiropractors, personal trainers and other practitioners is viewed as so important that numerous companies have built businesses around solely selling through these individuals. “I believe the healthcare and fitness practitioner channel is going to be one of the most vibrant and fastest-growing sales channels in the nutrition industry over the next 10 years,” said Bradley Wilson, Managing Director of AOK Health, which sells a number of its products only through practitioners.

Although selling via this channel can be quite lucrative — Wilson said his company had one of its best years ever in 2009 — it also can be very challenging. Numerous barriers — including a lack of quality exercise education and trust in exercise therapies — continue to prevent more practitioners (particularly classically trained MDs) from embracing exercise products. Even when physicians and other practitioners understand the benefits of exercise and lifestyle modification activities and programs, they still are often wary of actually selling the products to their patients or clients.

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About the author

Bradley Wilson is the Managing Director of the AOK Health Group, established in 1994. The AOK Group is comprised of 3 companies which specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of health and rehabilitation products, education and services worldwide. Bradley has not just fostered good products but also good business, winning the awards including 2008 Exporter of the Year, 2003 Fastest Growing Hunter Wholesaler and in 2004 Trainer of the Year in Logistics. In 2004, 2006 & 2008 Bradley was elected as a Director of the Hunter Business Chamber by the 1000 member companies of that organisation. He is Senior Vice President, Chair of the Executive, Audit, Business Development and Education Committees. In 2005 fellow board members elected him as a Councillor of NSW Business Chamber (previously Australian Business Ltd) - one of Australia’s largest business lobby groups. Bradley was a Councillor for 3 years. Respected enough to work with other prominent industry professionals throughout the world, he has developed a business model that allows his customers the advantage of the world’s best product and technological information unchallenged by their competitors.

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