How to Enhance Your Fitness Career

Are you stuck on the “treadmill” with your career?


Maybe feeling like it doesnt matter how hard you run you still don’t get that far ahead?


You love health & fitness but not sure how to make it into a profitable career?

Well we have a great story to share of two former employees from AOK Health who after years working here at AOK have made a massive success out of their new businesses

David Corin worked at AOK Health running our education division (Australian Graduate School of Health and Sports Science) from 2003 to 2008. Many AOK clients will have met David at the various AGSHSS courses that he organized or as a regular face at FILEX.

Mick Gardner worked at AOK Health from 2007 to 2008 running the export department. AOK won Exporter of the year in 2007 & 2009 so Michael knows all about quality service and the fitness industry.

David’s Story

In 2009 David purchased a Step into Life franchise and set up in Warners Bay by Lake Macquarie. Mick began his franchise with Step into Life in 2010 and has set up in Dungog and East Maitland.

David Corin

“When I was with AOK I had been lucky enough to spend 5yrs meeting a lot or trainers, business owners and senior managers in corporate positions (like Fitness First, Fernwood etc). I saw a lot of really excellent PT’s who were struggling to make a profit. I saw a lot of managers who had good jobs and worked hard but the company owned them, and they didn’t really have control over what they did each week, each day.

“I wanted to be involved in health & fitness, but I didn’t want to be a slave to the business. I wanted to build a business that would allow me to work around my family needs yet deliver me a substantial income. I wanted to build an income stream quickly and needed to have the right systems and structures for that to happen fast.

For me this is the perfect job, except that it’s not a job at all.

One thing I didn’t expect is how much joy I would get from helping others help themselves with their health & fitness. Seeing the changes my clients have been able to experience in both mind & body through their training has just been an inspiration. I love going to work each day! I love seeing my clients and hearing their stories and yes, making them sweat that little bit harder in the park!”

Mick’s Story

“Since arriving back in Australia after an 8 year stint in the UK running a Personal Training studio, I was left in a bit of a dilemma. Should I start my own business or work for someone else? I started work with AOK Health in their export department.  This was a great chance to meet and develop relationships with a wide variety of people from around the world.  These people included self-employed Personal Trainers to owners of larger retail organisations.

From communicating with these clients on a weekly basis it became apparent that everyone in the fitness industry seemed to work extremely long hours.  Now although I don’t mind working long hard hours I was sure there had to be an easier, more time effective way of helping people stay fit and healthy whilst still being able to live my own life and watch my family grow up.


Then I remembered a friend telling me about Step into Life as he had been an assistant trainer at a venue and was raving about the concept. I had a look at the website and asked for more details. I attended an info session and was sold straight away. The things that appealed to me were the systems, ongoing support, the objectives of the business and the fact that you don’t have to constantly think of new ideas. They are already there. All I have to do is promote my venue with the help of my state office.


I have been in operation since Feb 10 and have over 60 clients already. The way we train people allows me to train 60 people 2-3 times a week in a 14 hour period, enabling me to have a lot more spare time for myself.


The most rewarding part of the job (if that’s what you call it) is seeing the clients achieving their goals and realising their potential. That never ceases to bring a smile to my face.”

Could you be next?

AOK Health has teamed up with Step into Life to offer a great bonus package to anyone who wants to really start making a decent income from their fitness business but not have to work like a slave!  Contact David Corin ( [email protected] )  and he will tell you how take advantage of the $600 AOK product bonus (products at recommended retail).

If you are interested in finding out more about the Step into Life opportunity, then click here and register for more information on details on whats available to you as an AOK Health customer.

David says “Step into Life has given me what I needed. A great business model that provided the framework that helped me quickly build a substantial PT business over my first 6mths. I now have over 100 clients and my income is way higher than anything I previously earned in the corporate world. Best of all is that now I have grown to my target numbers, I can now take timeout more often and do the things I want to each day, not the things I have to!”

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About the author

Bradley Wilson is the Managing Director of the AOK Health Group, established in 1994. The AOK Group is comprised of 3 companies which specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of health and rehabilitation products, education and services worldwide. Bradley has not just fostered good products but also good business, winning the awards including 2008 Exporter of the Year, 2003 Fastest Growing Hunter Wholesaler and in 2004 Trainer of the Year in Logistics. In 2004, 2006 & 2008 Bradley was elected as a Director of the Hunter Business Chamber by the 1000 member companies of that organisation. He is Senior Vice President, Chair of the Executive, Audit, Business Development and Education Committees. In 2005 fellow board members elected him as a Councillor of NSW Business Chamber (previously Australian Business Ltd) - one of Australia’s largest business lobby groups. Bradley was a Councillor for 3 years. Respected enough to work with other prominent industry professionals throughout the world, he has developed a business model that allows his customers the advantage of the world’s best product and technological information unchallenged by their competitors.

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