“AOK through research, development and practical application shall develop or select the world’s best functional exercise and rehabilitation equipment for sale and distribution worldwide.

AOK will build an international network of business partners, research partners and works to make sure we stay at the leading edge in all aspects of our business operations.”


Balance refers to the vertical alignment of the body in movement. Optimal balance requires the least amount of muscle work to maintain posture and minimise the stress on the overall body structure. Many of AOK Health’s products target developing and maintaining optimal balance and therefore peak functional performance of the user.

The rapid advancement of technologies and increased automated processes of our current environment has lessened physical activity as part of our daily functioning. This has meant, for many of us, more time sitting and less movement which in turn reduces flexibility, placing more strain on the lower back. AOK Health specialise in functional exercise equipment which increases the body’s balance & functional fitness, essential for daily living and wellbeing.

Functional exercise refers to exercises which strengthen muscle groups that allow us to perform daily tasks more efficiently while reducing the risk of injury. Most of our daily tasks such as hanging out washing, sweeping, mowing and sitting require several muscle groups to work in conjunction to allow us to perform movements such as twisting, turning, balancing and stretching. The more efficiently they work together the less likely these activities will cause injury. How often do you hear of someone “putting their back out” from performing basic, functional tasks such as bending to pick something up or stretching to reach something? The risk of these types of injuries can be greatly reduced through the strengthening of the body’s core balance system.

The establishment of a sound business reputation has meant that AOK Health has become the Australian representative for major overseas companies such as BOSU, Bodyblade, Trikke, Resistance Chair & Fitter.

AOK Health continues to support the Hunter educational institutions, such as the University of Newcastle and TAFE, by sponsoring courses and awards with product, training and work experience.

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